WARNING: Rock Tales are for supervised play only. Some of the rock sizes may present as a choking hazard to small children.


Each Rock Tale pack containes 12 colourful rocks and a calico storage bag.


Rock Tales are fun and educational.  They encourage childrens communication skills, promote their language skills and encourage their imagination and creativity.


Here are a few ways they can be used:

*Pick one out of a story bag at a time and make up a fun story as the rocks reveal.

*Use around the dinner table and take it in turns to pull a rock out of the bag and use it to start and then continue the story.  Rocks can be used once for a short story or put back in for endless laughs.

*Use the stones in small world play to encourage children to make up their own stories at their own pace.

*Use a dice.  Roll the dice and only pick out that amount from the bag.  Use them to tell a story.

*For more advanced teaching, have four bowls ready to sort the stones into...one for character, one for setting, one for problem and one for resolution.  Have the child sort the stones into the bowls while you explain wahy each bowl means and then tell a story.  This helps teach children the formation of a great story. 

*Use your own imagination...the possibilities are endless

Rock Tales Selection 3

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